Roll One for Mi is a Fresno Sushi Joint the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Roll one for mi, A Sushi Joint, Fresno, CA
Since "Roll on for Mi" opened in April 2013, we've served the freshest and finest Japanese cuisine in Fresno, CA. Our restaurant serves a wide array of dishes and meals, including a vast variety of sushi, rice bowls and nigiri. Our sushi is prepared by some of Fresno's finest chefs. Owners Steve Wayte and Sue Wayte strive to make sure the restaurant maintains an authentic Japanese feel. Roll One For Mi features a Japanese garden dining area, with a hangout area on the porch.
Roll One For Mi Offers the Freshest Sushi in Fresno!
Plenty of Seating, Roll One For Mi, A Sushi Joint, Fresno, Ca
Roll One for Mi's owners are now focused on perfecting the restaurant's menu in order to make sure Fresno is receiving the highest quality sushi and Japanese cuisine available. We want to make you and your family feel welcome each and every time you dine at Roll One For Mi.